little ladies and gents have style too!

Welcome to Andy and Ari, children's shoppe!

We provide high quality, stylish clothing and accessories for little ladies and little gentlemen.  Our goal is to create an outlet for expression and exploration because we believe children can make their own statements in fashion!

Even at the tender age of 12 months, my lovely daughter, Ari…true to the nature of lots of us women…was very opinionated about what she wanted to wear. As a little tot, she would shake her head “no” to certain items and bring me other pieces to don...yet again!

That’s when it hit me that children have style too; and they deserve to be seen AND heard. I knew then that I wanted to encourage my daughter to select her own clothing. I wanted her to have access to the same standard of fashion that adults have.  That’s when the hard part came in, finding trendy, adorable clothing at prices that are affordable. Because let’s face it, childhood is also full of growth spurts.

We select clothing based on two criteria: first and foremost, quality, and second, style, style, style! We carry both local and international brands as well as my very own designs so that your little fashionistas will feel confident and strong when they’re running around and playing in our clothing.  And confident, strong children grow into confident, strong adults.

So when you’re shopping at Andy and Ari, you’re not just choosing chic little outfits for your child.  You’re part of a philosophy that believes in the empowerment of children and the notion that every little child has a voice that should be heard. We know that all children are beautiful inside AND out, and we want them to know that about themselves as well. And they will…every time they select their own Andy and Ari outfit for the day. 

Happy shopping!